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Wednesday, December 2nd  
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Sub-Contracting and Pick-up Reference
We have had the pleasure of working with Bob Forkish on our recent project in Raleigh, NC.  His talent with finish carpentry is exellent.  He is dedicated and loyal, which is rare in the construction industry.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand with anything that was asked of him.  I would recommend him for any project that arises as he is knowledgeable and his quality of workmanship is unsurpassed.  We wouldn't hesitate to use him agai... more

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Sub-Contracting and Pick-up Reference
    This is a letter of recommendation for Bob Forkish.  Bob has done sub-contracting work for our Company for the past three years.  We have found his work of quality workmanship and performed in a timely fashion.  His talents are of a wide scope in the Construction industry.
    Bob has also done a wide range of maintainence pick-up for our Property Management Division.  This was on occupied and unoccupied unit... more

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Sylva 8'x16' Deck
    This is a letter of recommendation for Bob Forkish who has just completed building a deck for me.  His work was excellent.
    Early in April I showed Bob my plans and specifications for an 8' x 16' deck which I wanted built.  He made several suggestions about changes in the construction and design which proved exactly right.  The resulting deck was both less expensive and much more attaractive than what I had first pr... more

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Enclosed Porch Experience
    Bob has built a 16' x 20' screened-in porch/deck addition onto our house. We are very satisfied with his work and the finished product.  We highly reccommend him as a contractor.  Bob is an artisan and a craftsman.
    He is very contientious about his work and will not tolerate any degree of things being not exactly correct.  Everything is measured, not 'estimated' and fits tightly together.  Bob is knowledg... more

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