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Sunday, April 11th  
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Sylva 8'x16' Deck
    This is a letter of recommendation for Bob Forkish who has just completed building a deck for me.  His work was excellent.
    Early in April I showed Bob my plans and specifications for an 8' x 16' deck which I wanted built.  He made several suggestions about changes in the construction and design which proved exactly right.  The resulting deck was both less expensive and much more attaractive than what I had first proposed.
    His workmanship was first-rate.  He did several extra things which I had not requested but which greatly improved the appearance and function of the deck.  For example, he slightly rounded the edges of the posts, the caprail, and the balusters; he also sanded the top of the caprail in order to lessen the possibilitiy that people would get splinters in their hands.  He did everything we had agreed upon, and he finished the job more than a week ahead of schedule.  
    I recommend him very highly.  Please feel free to contact me if you wish additional information.
Yours sincerely,
Webster, NC 28788