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Sunday, April 11th  
Enclosed Porch Experience

Enclosed Porch Experience
    Bob has built a 16' x 20' screened-in porch/deck addition onto our house. We are very satisfied with his work and the finished product.  We highly reccommend him as a contractor.  Bob is an artisan and a craftsman.
    He is very contientious about his work and will not tolerate any degree of things being not exactly correct.  Everything is measured, not 'estimated' and fits tightly together.  Bob is knowledgeable of Local and National Building Codes and adheres to them.  He understands important building concepts such as weight load and stress, and builds a safe and sound product.
    He is creative in resolving problems as they occur, creating a pleasing good looking product.  His work has the little extra touches, i.e. extra pieces of wood or trim that gives the product that 'aesthetic' finished look.
    He consults with the customer to assure that there is a mutual understanding of what the customer envisions he or she wants.  He is not afraid to point out a customer's misconceptions of what can and can't be done.  He works with them to create a better result that meets building standards and the design desires of the customer.  
    Bob comes to the job fully prepared and equipped to do the work.  He never has to leave the job to get a tool, and rarely needs to leave to get additional supplies.  Supply gathering occurs before he reports for work for the day.
    He is not a clock watcher, in that he stays with a particular task until it is completed.  Not leaving things hanging for the night or weekend.  If something arises that he will be delayed or not coming for a day he always informs you of the situation.
    His personal appearance is neat and clean.  His attitude is positive and he feels the customer is 'Number One.'  His language is polite, courteous, and never embarassing.  He is comfortable working in a quiet environment and does not require loud music from a radio to entertain him.
    He generally works alone, but is a patient teacher when working with a helper.  He shows no signs of prejudice when working with other  
ethnic groups.
    It has been a pleasure having Bob as the contractor for our deck job, and we highly recommend him and his work to anyone seeking a woodworking project.
Clayton, NC 27502