Structural bathroom remodel
Water damage to wall and joist members caused major deflection of flooring. Toilet was standing 2' above floor, resting on cast iron flange. My 5yo son unfortunately erased the photos prior to new floor installation, so these photos are after flooring install and replacement of king and trimmer studs inwall. Prior to new flooring, all deteriorated members were removed,and we installed 2 new concrete footers & piers midspan of the joists, and then bridged the piers w/4'x12' LVL to carry new joist members from midspan -> perimeter. This provided structural solidity to new floor joists and flooring surpassing original construction. Insulation, studs, and sheetrock were then replaced, and window opening was made airtight and then sealed over on the interior, but left in place for exterior asthetics. All new tub, surround, control valves, vanity, medicine cab, vent fan, and toilet w/floor covering, taping and painting included.

November 2nd, 2008 | permalink

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