Dining room to Living room pass through
Owners wished to open their living room to dining room for entertainment.

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Angie'sSuperService '08 (2x) '10, '11, 12, 14
Thank you all for your faith in Wood Peace, we appreciate it!

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Wall opens to new patio
Simple project removing two existing windows to install new framing and LVL header framed for new construction vinyl 6068 patio slider door.

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Angie's List 2012 Carpentry-Woodworking Award
Thank you all for your continuing confidence.

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Total Bathroom Make Over
Complete remodel down to the studs and sub-floor, with everything in the bath removed. Two layers of existing ceramic tile flooring were removed, new cement boards glued and screwed to subfloor, and new matching/diagonal ceramic floor tile installed. Mosaic glass tile trimmed the horizontal and diagonal tile surruonding the built in shower wall niche, and a new adjustable wall shelving unit (cre... more

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Custom Stereo
This is an in-wall custom Oak cabinet installation with the upper three shelves utilizing ball bearing hardware to access installed components. LED 3500K strip lighting (concealed under all shelving bays to highlight equipment faces) is adjusted by a remote controller.

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Enclosed garage port.
Garage port now enclosed garage. LVL headers insure no deflection over garage door, and allow full window glass above garage door (for maximum natural light) as desired.

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Angie's List© SuperService Award® 2011
Each SuperService® Award is generated solely by Angie’sList© clients utilizing our services that year. We thank each of you for your continued trust and good will, and promise to never stop striving to earn it!

Bob Forkish
Wood Peace Construction Co.

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Shower remake
This units' shower-pan and wall joints had all failed, leading to rot in both its' side and knee walls. All defective materials were replaced, deflected floors leveled, and this is the result.

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Twin Picture Window Installation
This property is within a beautifully wooded and landscaped site. The Owners decided to install two 4'x5' picture windows to open up their living room. This was the result.

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Kitchen Remake
Kitchen update includes removing bottom section of upper cabs to allow more light/space w/new countertop, subfloor and finish floor tiles, relocation of existing stove, washer, and installation of new dishwasher.

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Angie's List 2010 Remodeling - General Award
When you try to be perfect, you do your best.

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Master Bath remodel w/pocket door install
This was a Master Bath gut and replace w/new layout, custom shower stand w/new glass block window central to it. Porcelain tiles and epoxy grout complimented new stain-grade vanities and site built mirror units. W/brick exterior, central glass block was installed w/o modifification of exterior brickwork. Oops, wrong first photo!

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Angie'sList 2008 SuperService Award
These awards are generated by clients of AngiesList who have used our services and nominated us for this award. AngiesList staff review all nominees and select one from each catagory for this award. We are very grateful to our clients and the AngiesList staff for nominating and awarding us this SuperService status. Thank you! Bob Forkish Wood Peace Construction Co.

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AngiesList 2008 SuperService Award-Flooring
These awards are generated by clients of AngiesList who have used our services and nominated us for this award. AngiesList staff review all nominees and select one from each catagory for this award. We are very grateful to our clients and the AngiesList staff for nominating and awarding us this SuperService status. Thank you! Bob Forkish Wood Peace Construction Co.

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Replacement of defective patio door unit
This was simple replacement of an existing patio door unit with a new 7068 Pella unit. Installation was seamless, undetectable, and water/air tight.

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Porch addition
This was an an addition of a new porch to an existing dwelling. Cross bracing stabilized the independent structure which is not structurally attached to the dwelling at all. Bracing at tops of vertical posts to roof structure created solid and stable self-supporting porch unit.

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Structural bathroom remodel
Water damage to wall and joist members caused major deflection of flooring. Toilet was standing 2' above floor, resting on cast iron flange. My 5yo son unfortunately erased the photos prior to new floor installation, so these photos are after flooring install and replacement of king and trimmer studs inwall. Prior to new flooring, all deteriorated members were removed,and we installed 2 new conc... more

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Bamboo Flooring Installation
Installation of new 7/16' bamboo flooring planks thruout multiroom environment, inc. closets.

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Total Bathroom Remake
This project entails removal of all existing bathroom sheetrock, doors, and fixtures. Replacement is w/ new 40' x 72' custom stand up shower stall incorporating two water controls (one shower, one handheld @ custom seating area.) Installation of new custom vanity, and custom shelving units L & R of new shower stall. Installation of new pocket door @ hallway entrance to bath area complements res... more

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Complete kitchen project
This project encompassses complete removal and replacement of all existing walls, ceiling, sheetrock, floors, cabinets, doors, and layout. Photos Before/After.

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Crafting round squares.
This install was part of a complete stain-grade finish package on a 1.3M home in Winston/Salem. It represents fabrication of 3' stain-grade casing for a round window install. There was a uniform 1/8' reveal created between the window and casing, which was generated by routing the casing (once installed) to the existing window contours.

September 23rd, 2007 | permalink

Carpentry Shop
Completion of the 'Two complete bathroom gut/rehab w/structural' project next door, sparked a neighbor to commission us to build his woodworking/carpentry shop next to his home. The slab and walls are solid and cored for stability. Tyvek house wrap, 8' blown-in insulation above the ceiling, w/6' fiberglass insulated walls, airtight vinyl windows, and insulated steel french door unit, provide low ... more

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New closet bathroom over garage.
This bath was installed over an existing garage which had no existing water supply or drain lines. The existing hip roof made height/clearance a determining design consideration. Point of use water heater is concealed within new cabinet. Also installed was new: framing/window/in-wall cabinet/tiled shower stall/floor/lighting/sheetrock/pocket door for new adjacent closet, water/drain lines and a... more

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Bathtub removal/new shower stall installation
This project was interesting due to the radically warped framing members which required 'sistering' of all existing studs/joists to plumb walls and floor. Drain was also relocated to center of new stall while maintaining existing tile floor border.

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Two complete bathroom gut/rehab w/structural
Both of the following bathrooms were substantially water/insect damaged and required design/structural repairs. New: sole plates/joists/joist headers/concrete piers/laminated girders/supply and drain lines/Jaquzzi tub and heater/one piece shower stall, were installed. An in-wall cabinet was designed/fabricated to utilize existing dead space, and installed.

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Basement bathroom remodel and enlargement
This was an existing small basement bathroom that was enlarged and remodeled. All walls, electric service, intercom, plumbing, tilework, and fixtures were replaced.

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Airtight woodstove install w/ceramic base.
This install had its side inspection clearances reduced by half using a Z-Brick firewall on cement Wonderboard affixed to combustible standard sheetrocking. The Wonderboard was installed over steel 2x4 studs with a 1.5 inch airspace for convection cooling hidden by the black tile trim @ the base of the Z-Brick walls. This allowed the inspector to reduce the setback requirements by half. The tri... more

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Garden shed with water and electric service
This is a 10'x12' working shed for a rear garden installed with electrical and water service in a rear yard. It sits upon a four inch concrete pad with shingle roof, insulated walls and ceiling, french doors, complete GFI protection, shelving, exterior lighting, fully switched interior and exterior lighting/ceiling fan circuts, standard waterhose fittings @ exterior sidewall, vinyl sided, and wit... more

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Cherry raised panel cabinets.
These are true raised panel solid cherry cabinets crafted from stock 4/4 cherry, stained and sealed. The coming granite countertops are to be done by another contractor.

September 23rd, 2006 | permalink

Design/construction of home addition/walkway.
These photos are of an addition I designed and built. The new low pitched roof interspaced between the two existing roof pitches required specific load distribution and water/ice considerations. Dental moulding was crafted along the walkway fasica, along with custom herringbone railing sections equally spaced for asthetics.

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Layout, framing, & installing Ipe decking.
These photos comprise the multiple steps of Ipe deck
design considerations while installing diagonal decking in a 'picture frame' configuration. The 'picture frame' configuration allows for NO cut ends to be visible, while highlighting the Ipe decking material. Each piece of Ipe must be hand drilled, counter sunk, and then fastened with stainless steel screws. Each board is hand stained an... more

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Existing dwelling.
This install was upon an existing dwelling comprising the leveling of the existing porch roof unit, installation of structural fiberglass columns, and fabrication of custom railings installed with hidden stainless steel hardware. The photos show before, during, and after.

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Kitchen and bath remodel w/ custom oak cabs.
This is a complete gut and rehab of an existing kitchen and bathroom. Walls and windows were removed and reconfigured. All cabinets were hand-made from solid oak boards, and solid 3/4' oak trim and tile crafted to radial corners.

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Ceramic tile work
This is a kitchen remodel utilizing custom moulded 3/4' hard maple edging with related tiling. Color matched latex grout is used at all intersections of tile and woodwork to eliminate swell cracking and chipping.

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Stained Glass fabrication & installation
I craft stained glass windows for inwall window installations in either operable or non-operable window frames, using either leaded cane or foil techniques. All margins and leading are uniform and squared to their respective custom frames.

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Enclosed porch construction
Stages of an Enclosed Porch's Evolution. This project posed some interesting considerations. Three roof lines intersected where the proposed porch was to be placed, and over half of the existing home's downspouts drained onto this side. Utilization of rubberized Ice and Sno-Guard intergrated with customized aluminum coil-stock with 'rain-water brakes' allowed all of this to develop sucessfully.

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Living room remodel
These photos show the stages of a living room remodel from beginning to end. Removal of rotted door framing/flooring. Custom harwood flooring install w/central rug detail. New french door install. The ceramic tile (moat) design to capture burning embers from the working fireplace, and 45 degree oak flooring along the perimeter are features of this project.

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